• Projects

    Here’s a quick list of the notable projects I’ve created or contributed to (big and small):

    Project Year Description
    Unnamed project by unnamed org. 💵 22 Narrative-focused dating sim w/ platforming (Steam)
    StarRatings 22 “Star Rating”-type extension for Playnite (GitHub)
    unitywhere 22 Artist/designer friendly unity project launcher (GitHub), inspired by vswhere
    MoreGizmos 20 Extended debug rendering tools for Unity (GitHub)
    TBYTEConsoleApp 19 Editor/runtime in-game console (GitHub)
    oshacoaster [#GGJ20] 19 Safety violation tycoon game (itch.io)
    UNETEntities 19 Lag comp. and client prediction demo (GitHub)
    Beyond Home [#GGJ19] 19 Third-person stealth action game (itch.io)
    Vextar by Vextar Dev Team 💵 18 First-person disc action game (itch.io)
    DadSonSpaceCo [#TrainJam2018] 18 Local co-op space shooter (itch.io)
    RitualNow [#GGJ18] 18 Logistics management simulation (GitHub)
    Simon Waves [#GGJ17] 17 Motion-based “Simon Says” clone (Android)
    Triple Peaks [#GGJ16] 16 Murder mystery mini-games (GGJ)
    Blubber Busters by Thar Be Monsters 💵 15 Run-and-gun action platformer (Twitter)
    Sinasprite by Litesprite 💵 15 Clinically-validated mental health game (Android) (iOS)
    I Am H [#GGJ15] 15 First-person psychological adventure game (GGJ)

    💵 - denotes a commercial project that launched or had the intent to launch

    Non-Programming #

    Similar to the list above, only focused on non-programming contributions:

    Project Year Brief
    Streams/VODs at IGDA Seattle 20 Livestreams and VOD clean-up (Twitch) (YouTube)
    ADGP Handbook by AIE Seattle 19 Hand-written game programming textbook for AIE
    awesome-devblogs 18 A curated list of cool developer portfolios/websites (GitHub)
    terrehbyte.com (this website!) 12 Personal blog and portfolio site

    These lists are inspired by Benjamin Porter’s Project List.