• Solo Developer @ terrehbyte
    October 2016 - Present

    TBYTEConsole is a plugin for Unity3D that adds a Quake-like console system to the project, accessible to both developers and players.



  • Programmer @ BabyKatsu
    June 2016 - Present

    Vextar is a multiplayer, first-person arena shooter created by a talented five-person dev team in Seattle, Washington.



  • Lead Programmer @ SuperNeko
    December 2013 - June 2016

    V-Bound (formerly known as Vordisk) is a multiplayer first person disk shooter about knocking people off the edge. Decapitate, dismember, freeze, or just plain push people off the ground and into the abyss to score your way to victory. Or, well, you could just wait for them to walk right off themselves. ;)



  • Programmer @ SuperNeko
    April 2015

    This tool streamlines the process of sharing screenshots and files. Uploads to pomf.se. Pomf.se announced its closure on June 8, 2015 and consequently, NekoPomf shut down with it.

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  • Programming Intern @ Litesprite
    March 2014 - May 2015

    Sinasprite is a wellness app for Android and iOS that looks to alleviate anxiety and stress in everyday life. I designed mobile UI and UX in Unity3D. Establishing documentation and a high-level API for making web calls out to the database were the critical parts of assignment at Litesprite.

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  • Programmer
    June 2014

    MegaMan meets Asteroids in this recreation of the classic hit, Asteroids! Defend your dojo from the evil clutches of zombies. MonoGame was the primary technology used. This project was the first official in-class collaboration between classmates for assessment purposes.

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  • Solo Developer
    March 2014

    Tools development has always been an area of interest for me ever since I created a program to pack a set of sprites into a spritesheet. Written in XAML and C#, this program utilizes the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to create a simple Windows application.

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  • Creator and Webmaster
    2014 - Present

    This started as a simple WordPress blog from my teenage days, but has since grown to encompass a log of my life as a developer. Its first major jump was from WordPress to Jekyll, which powers this site to this day.

    I've made many revisions to its CSS and config since!