• Undisclosed Project

    Principal Programmer at Undisclosed studio–2020-2023

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    I worked for an undisclosed studio as its Principal Programmer. I was the sole engineer for the team and worked closely with its artists and designers. I also worked regularly with the producer to adjust timelines and plans based on the project’s progress.

    My major contributions to the project:

    • Prototyping a dialogue system in Unity with integrations for animations and gameplay mechanics
      • Later, porting to Ink with existing dialogue front-end
    • Managing a persistent 3D world with a day/night cycle
    • Designing and implementing a quest system with quest object lifecycle management
    • Creating a UI management layer for pushing/popping UI screens and panel
    • Supporting Bolt visual scripting graphs with designers (or reimplementing as needed in C#)
    • Triaging bugs and porting fixes between releases
    • Upgraded the project from Unity 2019.X to 2020.X
    • Prepare game demo during Steam Next Fest June 2022 Edition

    The game was released on Steam release in September 2022. 🚀