• My Plans for August 2012

    It’s August 1st, which means my month long summer vacation has come to a close. What does this mean?

    Volunteering #

    All of my friends are heading back to class as juniors, seniors, and university freshmen. They won’t be around to play with me which means they won’t be up in arms when I say I want to work now, not play.

    Writing Blog Posts #

    I’ve been writing in sporadically on this personal blog of mine. The main idea behind the inception of this blog was to give me something to reflect upon when I’m older. In additon to that, I could give others a personal point of reference as to how little I started when I was young. Wouldn’t it be incredible if I made this blog into something truly wonderful?

    Experimenting with Computers #

    I recently bought an SSD from Newegg that I haven’t gotten a chance to utilize yet. I’ve mounted it in the hard drive bay and it’s ready to go once I plug in the power. I plan on dual booting Windows 7 and Xubuntu, using my previous boot drive as my media/storage drive.

    Let’s see if I follow up on this plan!