• Gaming Mode vs. Working Mode

    I find myself making a distinction between gaming and working mode more and more often as of late. It’s not perfect, but it certainly is a nice crutch to have for the time being. I can actually work and play for satisfactory periods of time, though that doesn’t stop the two from spilling over into the other. Even my desk is a mish-mash of the two and switches to accommodate the fact that I both play and work in this space.

    Gaming Mode #

    This usually consists of my keyboard being on the far left of my desk as I only need the WASD keys. The move to the far left is done to allow me to move my mouse around on the mousepad, making full use of the space freed up.

    Working Mode #

    Whenever I’m working on a video or paper, my keyboard comes towards the middle so I can type easier. Since I’ll just be navigating directories and web pages with my mouse, I only need a bit of desk real estate, so with the mousepad moved to the right, I only utilize the leftmost side of the pad.