• WhatPulse - Track Your Usage!

    WhatPulse is a nifty little application that sits in your system tray or notification tray that keeps track of your mouse and keyboard. Statistics such as mouse movement distance, key press frequency, and total clicks and keys are recorded and publicly displayed on your WhatPulse profile. I should stress that this is in no way a keylogger and simply records statistics about your keyboard and mouse usage, nothing more.

    Pros #

    WhatPulse is cross-platform and is available on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

    You can choose to differentiate between computers and to an even greater degree, operating systems by maintaining a different installation of WhatPulse each configured to report to a different computer under the same account.

    Dynamically generated images are available that can be embedded in a signature that update every day (or two hours if premium).

    Cons #

    There are some premium features such as a “yourUSERNAME@whatpulse” e-mail address if you pay $2.00 USD a month. You’ll also gain access to detailed graphs about your “pulses”. This isn’t really much of a con as much as it is a turn off for users seeking completely freeware applications.

    Final Verdict #

    It’s a cool little thing to have around if you look looking at how much you’ve clicked and how much you’ve mashed those keys on your keyboard. It doesn’t take up very many system resources and setup is fairly straightforward.