• Using Entertainment to Unwind and Focus

    It’s become very apparent to me in these past few years that after I spend a good deal of my time watching anime or playing a visual novel that I find myself rejuvenated and a lot less irritable. In addition to the previous two mental boosts, I feel as though I’m ready to get up and plow through a truckload of work. Though the important and possibly hard part may be actually plowing through it, it’s hard to get something done if you can’t even see yourself start it!

    The reason why I feel so happy and cheerful after spending a bunch of time doing anything but something “productive” is that I get some downtime for myself. This downtime allows me to stop working and actually do something for myself for a change rather than for someone else.

    In addition to that, I like consuming content that is typically upbeat or happy. It makes me dream of world as joyous and successful as the fantasy world, and gives me all the more reason to try to make our world a better place. How often do you see people working together as one for a greater cause? I don’t mean seeing a charity or video, but actual “average” people like the “average” people making a team effort towards something.

    That said, it’s important to conserve a bit of your time everyday for yourself. You can skip out on it every once in a while, but if you find yourself just at odds with everyone and everything (even though you don’t want to), you may want to consider penciling yourself in on your own planner or agenda. I’m sure that many workaholics could work on themselves for a bit and really recharge for the next day.