• About Terry

    I’ve been working in games and education for almost 9 years since I started programming as a career. I’m currently a Game Programming Instructor at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Seattle, WA.

    I’m happy to work closely with everyone on a team to work together better and create more engaging experiences overall.

    You can find me online via , , , , , , or !

    Positions #

    Here’s a quick overview of where I’ve worked in the past:

    📆 Date 🏢 Role 🌐 Links
    2020 - 2023 Principal Programmer at Undisclosed Studio N/A
    2021 - Present Content Developer at AIE Seattle Site
    2014 - Present Game Programming Instructor at AIE Seattle Site
    2016 - 2019 Lead Programmer at Vextar Dev Team Site, itch.io
    2015 Build Engineer (Contract) at Thar Be Monsters Site
    2014 - 2015 Interim Technical Director at Litesprite Site, Play Store

    Other positions that are related but outside of game development/academia:

    📆 Date 🏢 Role 🌐 Links
    2020 - 2023 Board Member at IGDA Seattle YouTube

    Projects #

    Check out a few notable projects below or a list of everything on the Projects page:

    • Principal Programmer - Windows C# Unity
      Created a semi-open-world dating sim with platforming elements. Other systems include (mini-)quests, character, and save/load of world state + player state.
    • Personal Project - Windows C# Unity
      Open-source plugin that allows rating games in Playnite with 1-5 (or whatever) stars instead of numbers. Started as a personal project, but open for public use.
    • Lead Programmer at Vextar Dev Team - Windows C++ UE Blueprints Unreal Engine 4
      Implemented gameplay mechanics with server-authoritative networking, and UI systems.
    • Build Engineer (Contract) at Thar Be Monsters - Windows C# Unity Perforce
      Regularly created and validated builds from trunk after integrating code from other contractors.
    • Interim Technical Director at Litesprite - Android iOS C# Unity Git
      Coordinated efforts between engineering, art, design, and leadership while responsible for UI and gameplay systems. Migrated the team from SVN to Git as well as from DGUI to uGUI.