Terry Nguyen

I am an independent game developer with a strong love for programming and arena FPS games. I’m always looking for someone to talk to about programming or the games industry as a whole, so send me a message or add me on a social network and chat away!

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You’ll find a quick timeline of different positions I’ve hold throughout my career!

Programming Instructor @ Academy of Interactive Entertainment

My primary responsibility is to see to the well-being and development of my programming students throughout their two years at the AIE.

Students are trained from the ground up from the basics of C++ to working in game engines such as Unity3D and Unreal Engine.

Game Developer @ Vextar Dev Team

The first step I’m taking in Unreal Engine 4 is joined by my fellow alumni, making for a team of four + one. We’ve gathered together to create a first-person disc-action game similar to the likes of other Tron-arena like games.

Build Engineer (Contract) @ Thar Be Monsters

I oversaw regular integrations from team members into the Perforce repository between the core team and the contractor team. Builds were produced and reported upon on a regular basis.

Interim Technical Director (Internship) @ Litesprite

Designing and implementing the UI using NGUI, and later, Unity UI, took up the bulk of my time at Litesprite.

Later on, I took on more responsibilities, ultimately playing an instrumental role in guiding major engineering decisions as well as onboarding new clients into our systems. Issues were fielded and triaged from private beta testers as part of a gradual deployment that was direct to business.