• About Terry

    I’ve been working in games and education for almost 8 years since I began my studies in programming. I’m currently a Game Programming Instructor at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Seattle, WA.

    I’m happy to work alongside with artists and designers on games as well as physicians and writers to translate abstract requirements into actionable tasks for the development team.

    I’m eager to continue working with teams that are excited to refine and improve the things that they create!

    You can message me via , , , , , or !

    Positions #

    Here’s a quick overview of where I’ve worked in the past:

    📅 Date 🏢 Organization 👔 Position 🌐 Company Page
    2020 - Present Undisclosed Studio Principal Programmer N/A
    2021 - Present AIE Seattle Content Developer Site
    2014 - Present AIE Seattle Game Programming Instructor Site
    2016 - 2019 Vextar Dev Team Lead Programmer Site, itch.io
    2015 Thar Be Monsters Build Engineer (Contract) Site
    2014 - 2015 Litesprite Interim Technical Director Site, Play Store

    I also serve on the IGDA Seattle Board. 💖

    A list of projects I’ve worked on can be found on the Projects page.

    Otherwise, just click on any org in the table ☝️ or scroll down to see what I’ve done:

    Undisclosed Studio #

    Banner image for unannounced studio

    I’m working part-time for an undisclosed studio as its Principal Programmer. I am the sole engineer for the team and work closely with artists and designers.

    I also work regularly with the producer to adjust timelines and plans based on the project’s progress.

    My major contributions to the project to date:

    • Prototyping a dialogue system for Unity with integrations for animations and gameplay mechanics
      • Later, integrating Ink with existing dialogue front-end
    • Managing a persistent 3D world with a day/night cycle
    • Designing and implementing a quest system with object lifecycle management
    • Creating a UI management layer for pushing/popping UI screens and widgets
    • Supporting Bolt visual scripting graphs with designers (or reimplementing with C#)
    • Triaging bugs and porting fixes between releases
    • Upgraded the project from Unity 2019.X to 2020.X
    • Prepare game demo for release during Steam Next Fest June 2022 Edition

    The game was released on Steam release in September 2022.

    AIE Seattle #

    Banner image for AIE Seattle featuring a screenshot of a demo project

    I’m a faculty member working as a Game Programming Instructor at AIE Seattle. I help deliver a two year course training students to be ready to work in entry-level positions in games. Our work is joined by the Game Art and 3D Animation; and Game Design and Production; departments.

    I also work on the Content Development team, resolving errors in learning materials and writing entire subjects as necessary.

    My responsibilities are as follows:

    • Delivering all course content and mentoring students in their learning
      • Focus on programming fundamentals in Year 1 (C++, C#, Code Design, Data Structures, Game Math)
      • Focus on domain-specific knowledge in Year 2 (Computer Graphics, Real-Time Physics)
    • Coaching students on their career plans and the steps needed to achieve them
    • Serving as the on-site Perforce server administrator
      • Set up P4 Typemap with correct settings for Unity and Unreal Engine projects
      • On-boarding faculty and students to Git and Perforce version control systems with video tutorials and live instruction
      • Cross-training other faculty on managing the Perforce server
      • Troubleshooting Perforce issues - bad workspace configuration, licensing, improper use of version control, etc.
      • Leveraged Perforce to synchronize VFX project for remote VFX team with on-site render-farm
      • Migrating old Perforce projects off the server and onto Git with LFS (AIE-Seattle-Prog/p4ToGitArchive)
    • Planning and coordinating concurrent student productions for Year 1 and Year 2 students
    • Liasoning remotely with other US campuses and leadership in Australia
    • Coordinating with the AIE Marketing department to hand-off and promote student work

    Each year, AIE Seattle faculty support students as they design, implement, and release a number of student games from its end-of-year production projects.

    A selection of recognized student production releases that I supported:

    • DISCARDED - beat down toys and ascend an abandoned world to meet the “Manic Qing”
      • Seattle Indies Expo 2021 - Official Selection
      • Dreamhack Beyond 2021 - Student Game Showcase (Top 5)
    • The Faded Grove - restore a world that has lost its colors by finding and returning Chromis' lost fragments
      • Seattle Indies Expo 2020 - Official Selection
    • Memoria Café - delve into the depths of people’s minds to learn and dispel their deepest troubles
      • Seattle Indies Expo 2019 - Official Selection
    • Buoyancy - build and protect a city on the ocean made with resources scavenged from the lost world
      • Seattle Indies Expo 2018 - Official Selection
      • Dreamhack Atlanta 2018 - Best Early Access (Indie Playground)

    Other production projects can be found on AIE Seattle’s itch.io page.

    Content Developer Role #

    In addition to creating supplemental content, part of my week is dedicated to prepping and developing course content for the whole institution (AIE Australia and AIE USA).

    Subjects that I have updated or written are as follows:

    • Introduction to C++
    • Introduction to C# for Game Programming
    • Physics for Games
    • Maths for Games
    • Game Engine Scripting

    Vextar Dev Team #

    Banner image for Vextar Dev Team featuring a screenshot of a Vextar

    I was the Lead Programmer for Vextar, a first-person multiplayer “disk-on-disk” shooter action game where players attempt to bounce each other out of the arena with projectile disks.

    It was inspired by classic arena shooters like Ricochet, Quake, Doom, as well as Tron, of course.

    My responsibilities are as follows:

    • Training artists and designers on using Unreal Engine 4
    • Integrating C++ and Unreal Blueprints together to support designers
    • Synchronizing game state across clients in a server-client network model
    • Exhibiting and collecting feedback from players who played the game at events and shows
    • Prototyping new PvP levels and gameplay mechanics

    The project was showcased at venues such as PAX West (at our alma mater’s booth), SRGE (Seattle’s Retro Gaming Expo), and SBDHH (Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour).

    Thar Be Monsters #

    Banner image for Thar Be Monsters featuring the main character and their flamethrower

    I provided my services as a Build Engineer (Contract), working on Blubber Busters, a run-and-gun 2D action platformer that pits players into the depths of space (or space whales).

    My responsibilities are as follows:

    • Integrating code from from Git (contractors) to Perforce (core team)
    • Resolving build blockers for the game build every month
    • Managing the Perforce server’s settings and provisioning team members with depot access

    Litesprite #

    Banner image for Litesprite and Sinasprite

    I served as the Interim Technical Director for its flagship project, Sinasprite, a clinically-validated mental health care mobile game.

    My responsibilities are as follows:

    • Designing and implementing user flows in the client-facing Unity app
    • Porting the UI from Daikon Forge UI to Unity UI (uGUI)
    • Transitioning the team from SVN to Git and managing releases for Android and iOS
    • Managing and configuring app data on the Google Play Store
    • Maintaining the MySQL database and PHP backend for the website
    • Contributed to US20150093733A1 (Patent Abandoned)