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  • Starting Over With Jekyll

    Today marks the relaunch of my new personal blog, powered by Jekyll! If everything is working, then this post should show up on the website for everyone to see!

  • Global Game Jam 2014 - I am H

    My first participation in Global Game Jam marks my second time working as in a team with the Unity engine. This time proved especially interesting since I got a chance to work with people roughly around my age that had experience and skills to work with. Until then, the majority...

  • Update for TF2 Mann vs. Machine Listen Server Script

    I should have done this a few days ago, but other projects took precedence. In any case, I did a small overhaul of the listen server setup script for Team Fortress 2's listen server mode that fixed some bugs and made things a bit more extensible. Poor scripting caused servers...

  • My Programming Blog Is Full of Lessons as I Expected

    After starting to commit to a more regular tweeting, blogging, and status updating life, I'm finding out more and more as to why I left behind the whole "Minecraft tutorial" life. Making things that I feel look clear and very easy to follow seems to take absolutely forever for me!...

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