• Write a Visual Novel - Entry 4 - Development Tools

    I’s been rough around these parts as I’ve been beaten up by my classes. Homework threw the first punch, classwork threw the second, and projects came in with the finishing blow. Did I mention college applications? It’s been difficult to really spend any time on the visual novel project as of late. The plot hasn’t seen a new addition in weeks now, so this’ll be a short post.

    I was spending some time on an IndieGaming subreddit when I came across some neat tools. Every four months, there’s an event called the Ludum Dare where people try to put together a game in 48 or 72 hours from start to finish, depending on whether you enter the competition or “jam” respectively. To help participants out, a page on the Ludum Dare website lists some popular and free development tools.

    On personal note, since this post has simply become a mish-mash of topics, I’m beginning to wonder if taking on multiple routes is too difficult for me. As fun as it would be, I have not had a single drop of prior experience with visual novel development, let along game development. I may concede to my concerns and continue on, but with a single route visual novel instead. Having a series of grand ideas is great, but are they realistic? That’s the question that I’ve asked myself my whole life about any projects I take on, and maybe doing multiple routes is not possible now.