• Write a Visual Novel - Entry 3 - Struggling With the Idea

    Early on in the project, I had assigned themes to everyone’s routes. For example, Character 1’s route was considered to be the rational and unworldly route, a path best suited towards those who did not have an incredible attachment to material things. On the other hand, Character 2’s route was the designated route for those who were more worldly or attached to material possessions.

    Initially speaking, the idea that caused me to start developing this visual novel was that it revolved around materialism. Do you place too much value in the things you own? Is the matter that makes up the item much more valuable to you than the sentimental value you’ve attached to it? Are neither important at all?

    It’s more of a springboard now and not a guiding idea.

    P.S. I’ve lost track of the days, so I’m switching over to entries.