• My Programming Blog Is Full of Lessons as I Expected

    After starting to commit to a more regular tweeting, blogging, and status updating life, I’m finding out more and more as to why I left behind the whole “Minecraft tutorial” life. Making things that I feel look clear and very easy to follow seems to take absolutely forever for me! I always hated watching YouTube videos where I couldn’t tell what was going or articles that couldn’t clearly direct a lowly newbie towards successfully completely whatever task I wanted to get done. I didn’t want to make the same problems either, but in trying to do so, I ran into so many issues! Here’s one of them; it’s fairly recent too.

    Working with Value #

    I’m not a graphic designer, but it doesn’t take one to see what’s wrong here. When I tried to revise my article about taking full page screenshots in Firefox, I noticed that I may have made a grave mistake.

    Can you spot the problem in my layout?

    My super cool captures of my blog taken while I demonstrate the aforementioned functionality in Firefox are so clear, that it could be mistaken as a broken webpage rendering or confusing the most technologically illiterate but learning netizen. Thankfully, I only tore a few hairs out when attempting to come to terms with capturing desktop movement for the third time when I realized that I might have an easy fix on my hands!

    Black borders!

    Black borders! However, it took a good 15 minutes for me to find a nice border width. It doesn’t help that I kept refreshing an old preview of it too, so there goes even more time down the drain. Oh well. I learned how to use LICEcap though, some nice software I picked up a while back.