• iFEST - the Preparation

    iFEST isn’t quite ready to open to the public yet, but I volunteered to help exhibitors set up for today. Getting a peek at things behind the scenes was great as I got to meet some really neat people. All of the expensive gear from the Seattle VRcade guys made me really nervous though; their gear is incredibly expensive so handling their motion tracking cameras was scary, but manageable.

    Other game exhibitors brought in presentation materials and of course, the actual games that are being shown, but I’m even more excited for the people who hadn’t shown up yet since there are some interesting names like MOGA, which makes phone controllers, that will also be showing up on the day of the event. I’ll have to cut this short since I don’t want to give away too much before the event takes place, but it’s definitely not something I want to miss out on. I’m glad I get to not only attend this year, but lend a hand in running it.