• Game Programming at AIE Seattle

    Banner image for AIE Seattle featuring a screenshot of a demo project

    I’m a faculty member working as a Game Programming Instructor at AIE Seattle. I help deliver a two year course training students to be ready to work in entry-level positions in games. Our work is joined by the Game Art and 3D Animation; and Game Design and Production; departments.

    I also work on the Content Development team, resolving errors in learning materials and writing entire subjects as necessary.

    My responsibilities are as follows:

    • Delivering all course content and mentoring students in their learning
      • Focus on programming fundamentals in Year 1 (C++, C#, Code Design, Data Structures, Game Math)
      • Focus on domain-specific knowledge in Year 2 (Computer Graphics, Real-Time Physics)
    • Coaching students on their career plans and the steps needed to achieve them
    • Serving as the on-site Perforce server administrator
      • Set up P4 Typemap with correct settings for Unity and Unreal Engine projects
      • On-boarding faculty and students to Git and Perforce version control systems with video tutorials and live instruction
      • Cross-training other faculty on managing the Perforce server
      • Troubleshooting Perforce issues - bad workspace configuration, licensing, improper use of version control, etc.
      • Leveraged Perforce to synchronize VFX project for remote VFX team with on-site render-farm
      • Migrating old Perforce projects off the server and onto Git with LFS (AIE-Seattle-Prog/p4ToGitArchive)
    • Planning and coordinating concurrent student productions for Year 1 and Year 2 students
    • Liasoning remotely with other US campuses and leadership in Australia
    • Coordinating with the AIE Marketing department to hand-off and promote student work

    Each year, AIE Seattle faculty support students as they design, implement, and release a number of student games from its end-of-year production projects.

    A selection of recognized student production releases that I supported:

    • DISCARDED - beat down toys and ascend an abandoned world to meet the “Manic Qing”
      • Seattle Indies Expo 2021 - Official Selection
      • Dreamhack Beyond 2021 - Student Game Showcase (Top 5)
    • The Faded Grove - restore a world that has lost its colors by finding and returning Chromis’ lost fragments
      • Seattle Indies Expo 2020 - Official Selection
    • Memoria CafĂ© - delve into the depths of people’s minds to learn and dispel their deepest troubles
      • Seattle Indies Expo 2019 - Official Selection
    • Buoyancy - build and protect a city on the ocean made with resources scavenged from the lost world
      • Seattle Indies Expo 2018 - Official Selection
      • Dreamhack Atlanta 2018 - Best Early Access (Indie Playground)

    Other production projects can be found on AIE Seattle’s itch.io page.