• Monaco's Save File Location

    If you’re looking for Monaco’s save file so you can back it up, give it to a friend, or just upload it somewhere online, then you should probably stop looking for it in the “steamapps” folder. Make sure that you’ve backed up your old save file if you want it for some reason, and disable Steam Cloud if you’re planning on stuff in a new save file in its place.

    1. Navigate to your Steam directory and open the “userdata” folder.
    2. Open one of the folders in that directory.
    3. Look for a folder named, “113020,” which is the “appid” or identifier for the game, Monaco. That’s where Monaco’s relevant Steam Cloud saves the save file to. If however, “113020,” isn’t in the folder you picked, then move on to the next folder that was in your “userdata” folder and try again.
    4. Once you’ve found the, “113020,” folder, open the “remote” folder in it.
    5. Congratulations! You have found Monaco’s save file! Save it, copy it, send it, do whatever you like with it!

    In case it isn’t obvious, simply overwrite or replace the existing file with the new save file and run Monaco! You’re free to enable Steam Cloud again after that.