• Looking Back on Soluto

    Today, I’m going to try to give Soluto a try again. I picked it up when it had an appearance on Lifehacker, but I later dropped it because it began to be a hassle after some time to work with. It certainly seems like a nifty little tool that’ll allow the common end-user to make educated decisions, or in some cases, guesses, about their computer to speed it up by reducing the number of things it has to do.

    Currently, here’s what I think it does.

    1. Frustrations - What applications crash?
    2. Apps - What applications are installed?
    3. Background Apps - What applications are running in the background? (Services @ Start-up)
    4. Internet - What browser and ISP do you have?
    5. Protection - What applications and settings do you have set up?
    6. Hardware - What, roughly, makes up your computer?

    The only reason why I’m coming back to it is that it’s going to feed me information about computers that people often ask me to help them with. I’ve got a friend that sounds like he might have more computer problems than he should, and I figured that this would be a great opportunity to give this feature a little test run while I try to help his computer. Let’s try to keep this blog posted, Terry.